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H3C Builds 4K Production and Broadcasting Platform for GDTV

H3C Builds 4K Production and Broadcasting Platform for GDTV


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H3C is currently working with Guangdong Radio and Television (GDTV) to build the latter a remarkable 4K production and broadcasting platform, as the TV station launched its first 4K channel and made production and broadcasting of 4K programs regular.

With leading network and server products, H3C has helped GDTV effectively expand its capacity of 4K production by providing high-performance networking with 10 Gigabit core switches, which boasts high bandwidth and low latency, with its S12500X-AF switch at the core. As a hub that builds connection among different systems of the TV station, it enables the sharing of data and information among the non-linear editing network for 4K programs, the storage and management system for 4K materials, as well as established HD production networks. Thanks to its strong capability of data transmission and sharing, a powerful platform is built for the production of HD contents, which makes content production more efficient and convenient for GDTV.

H3C has offered GDTV an integrated cloud-based solution based on computing, storage, intelligent connectivity, security and cloud computing, which includes blade server, rack server, S6500 Series 10G Layer 3 Switch, and CAS (Cloud Automation System) Virtualization Platform. The solution has laid a solid foundation for establishing connectivity between GDTV’s 4K and HD broadcast systems, and make possible internet- and file-based broadcast of 4K programs.

Besides, H3C has also helped GDTV build the first-ever PB-level storage broadcast scenario with its reliable and efficient UniStor X10000 G3 distributed storage and through close cooperation with its partners.

In the future, H3C will keep working together with the radio and television industry, so as to promote the industry’s digitalization and framework renewal.

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