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H3C Injects New Momentum to Digital Transformation in Healthcare

H3C Injects New Momentum to Digital Transformation in Healthcare


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A series of digital solutions in the medical sector were exhibited by H3C at the 2020 China Hospital Information Network Conference (CHINC) launched recently. H3C’s solutions exactly addressed the demand for smart medicine, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19 that further underscored the value of life and medical innovation this year.

Focusing on the segments including the Internet of Things (IoT), new security and remote work, H3C especially showcased its digital solutions in smart hospital network construction, sustainability of core businesses, smart IoT, cloud-enabled remote medical work, and hyper-convergence of hospital businesses at the 2020 CHINC, which fully presented its application of “Digital Brain Project 2020” in the medical industry.

Yu Zhihong, Vice President of H3C and General Manager of the medical system department, introduced its full-stack competence in smart medicine, saying that H3C’s “AI in ALL” strategy, while aiming to make its products and technologies smarter, also intelligentizes the businesses and operation of its clients.

The company hopes to utilize its smart digital frameworks to build a platform for the digital transformation in healthcare, and energize the process with its cloud and intelligent platforms in which AI, cloud computing and big data technologies are embedded, he added.

At present, H3C is promoting in-depth integration of technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data with medical service scenarios, so as to guide the whole-process smartization of medical institutions and facilitate the comprehensive transformation of China’s health sector.

The company has claimed the largest share in the ICT market of the health sector for over 10 years. According to statistics, it is a partner of more than 80 percent of Class-A Grade-3 hospitals and top-100 hospitals in China in terms of smart hospital building. Besides, H3C also joined the construction of county-level medical alliances, setting a series of exemplary cases.

For example, under H3C’s assistance, the West China Hospital (WCH) introduced frontier technologies such as cloud computing, big data and AI to its operation, establishing a well-structured framework consisting of a general portal, business platforms and data centers. The framework offers powerful digital supports for the hospital’s clinical studies and analysis, and is able to meet the hospital’s demand for medical informatization for the time being and in the next three to five years. Now, the WCH has not only realized sharing and connectivity of medical data, but also laid solid digital foundation for smart medical applications such as genetic sequencing.

At the Second Hospital of HeBei Medical University, where data couldn’t be shared due to separated medical systems, H3C has help build a solution based on its cloud technologies together with a carrier. H3C cloud solution has energized both the products and services of the hospital, giving strong support to the deployment of HIS System (Hospital Information System) and PACS System (Picture Archiving and Communication System), as well as the deployment of smart applications.

Besides, it also simplified the operation of the hospital’s digital resources with cloud medicine services, thus improving the hospital’s speed in delivering services, which has allowed it to spend more energy on improving efficiency and service innovation, so as to accelerate its transformation and restructuring.

Apart from its efforts to build smart hospitals, H3C also established a reliable and flexible digital platform for the construction of county-level medical alliances — a bridge that connects county-level hospitals, township-level hospitals and village health centers. Through integrated ICT products and solutions, the company has brought quality medical care resources and services from major hospitals to villages and townships.

As a propeller of smart medicine, H3C will keep innovating in the field of health care transformation. By bringing forward more innovative and practical smart solutions, it aims to bring the dividends of smart healthcare to every person and usher in a new era for the construction of a healthy China.

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